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Smoothies Calender

Smoothies 2016 / 2017 / 2018
Calender series for europas bigest calender publisher KV&H

Britanny Cook Book

Kommisar Dupins Kochbuch
Rezepte aus dem Restaurant  l'Almirall in Concarneau

"Go Veggie" app to book

G+U asigned us to convert our .B-APP "Go Veggie" for print

Frank Rosins BBQ

BBQ book with food stylist Frauke Koops for Dorling Kindersley

cook books photographed by barcelona based food photographer Günter Beer


In the last 20 years BEERFOTO has made over 60 intl. cook books …more

Feinschmecker Cover 2012

Cover Der Feinschmecker 2012


1994-1997 covers selection

Snack Capaldi

a  Liverpool 1995 feature